about wekeza

Democratizing access to investing in U.S. publicly-traded companies and investor education for all.


Wekeza’s empowering objective is to provide ongoing investor education and enable those of African descent (and their families) to purchase fractional or whole shares in U.S. publicly traded companies and create generational wealth.

Leadership Team

  • Sabrina Lamb
    Sabrina Lamb Founder and Chief Executive Officer
  • Cary Wheelous
    Cary Wheelous Operations Manager
  • Dr. Erick Komolo
    Dr. Erick Komolo Kenya Legal Counsel
  • Mickey Factz
    Mickey Factz

Wekeza Leadership Team

  • Mickey Factz
    Mickey Factz

Wekeza Advisors

  • Deborah Owens
    Deborah Owens
  • Drew Hawkins
    Drew Hawkins
  • Rory Sparrow
    Rory Sparrow
  • David Workman
    David Workman

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