about wekeza

When citizens of Africa invest in the U.S. stock market



ounded in 2017, Wekeza was founded with global vision and an empowering objective: as educated investors, to enable all Africans and global citizens to purchase fractional or whole shares from the U.S. stock exchanges.


  • Sabrina Lamb
    Sabrina Lamb Founder and Chief Executive Officer
  • Keith Wheelous
    Keith Wheelous Co-Founder, Chief Financial Officer

Business Development Team

  • Andrew Sekandi
    Andrew Sekandi Director, Alpha Sierra Advisory Ltd
  • Yasumitsu Himeno
    Yasumitsu Himeno CEO Baryon Partners Corporation
    Wekeza Japan Representative


  • Abena Brigidi
    Abena Brigidi CEO and Certified Financial Analyst Nimed Capital Limited [GHANA]
  • Shawn Rochester
    Shawn Rochester CEO Institute for Intra-Diaspora Economic Development

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